About Us

Our aim

Subscriber Market’s aim is to find ways that people can contribute to their favourite creators even when they don’t have money that they can donate directly to them.

To this endeavour Subscriber Market was created. It is a marketing platform, allowing people to buy products and services through Subscriber Market and claim cash back from the sale. 96% of this cashback will then be distributed to their favourite creators, with the aim of increasing this with the growth of the website.

We hope that we can make funding Creators easier to do and increase the ways in which a person can fund their favourite creators.

How this works …

  • 1. You sign up and select the creators that you want to support.
  • 2. You use our links to services or shops that you would like to buy something from and make your purchases.
  • 3. We claim a cashback from the merchant that you have used.
  • 4. We then pay the creators that you have selected on a monthly basis.

How this works for creators …

  • 1. Creators sign up to the Subscriber Market.
  • 2. We contact and approve your account.
  • 3. We claim a cashback from the merchant that your supporters have used.
  • 4. We pay you on a monthly basis 96% of the cashback earnt.