Funding your favorite creators though shopping.

How this works …

TL;DR sign-up, pick creator, buy stuff, we fund the creator

  • 1. You sign up.
  • 2. select the creator that you want to support.
  • 3. make a purchases using one of our merchents.
  • 4. We claim a cashback from the merchent.
  • 5. We pay the creators 96% of the cashback.

How this works for creators …

TL;DR Sign-up, Get verify, We pay you

  • 1. Creators sign up to the Subscriber Market.
  • 2. We verify your account.
  • 3. We claim a cashback from the merchant that your supporters have used.
  • 4. We pay you on a monthly basis 96% of the cashback earnt.

We hope that we can make funding creators easier to do and increase the ways in which a person can fund their favourite creators.